We are lost???

The Human being is the only creature in the creation of Almighty Allah, who is born Jahil. All of other creatures right from their birth
know their basic needs, relations and responsibilities. For example, when a goat gives birth to a child goat, right from the time of birth
it starts to feed him from its mom’s breasts, who told his child goat? who guided and trained? Surely the creator. Similarly its the property
of every living thing specially animals that it knows/identifies it’s these needs and starts using it.
Human being is the only creature, to whom every thing should be taught. When a Humab being borns, parents take care of their child, the child
can’t speak, can’t walk. Allah Almighty teaches everything with time, in childhood, he is immature, then comes the young age leading to
maturity and then towards a fall of life at an average age of 65.
Allah has clearly mentioned in the Holy Quan that “And I (Allah) have not created the jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me (alone)”.
Now its the Human being who is due to his misguide and gumrahi has left the creator and is busy in the creation of the creator BUT it has been
told by the creator that it’s not your duty.
In this world, every work/task has two basic parts: Needs and Aims. Every task has an Aim and to achieve it, the needs are fulfilled.It is never
encouraged/preferred to busy one self in needs and to lose attention from Aim. For example, if a student is told that you have to study medical
and the needs are fulfilled by his parents, then the student will never try to arrange fees etc., for his studies because the responsibility is
on his parents.In the same way, When Allah has taken the responsibility of the needs of a Human being, then why is the Human being indulged in
needs instead of Aim(Pleasing the creator i-e., Allah). Human is created t please Allah and its enclosed in following the commands of Allah.
To indulge and busy in the creation instead of creator, to focus on the temporary Asbab wil surely lead us to towards destruction.If we look
around in the creation/universe and use the wisdom which is granted by Almighty Allah to know him and his creation as his blessings. To use
it only for knowing Allah and creation is the path of righteous, successful, Waliullah and great creation and human beings of Allah.
The sense of all these things comes when we follow the commands of Allah the way his Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did. We sacrifice our even a little from
our time, our wealth and health(Jan), Than we can feel the difference. We can then identify what is the Hikma(secret of goodness) in every command
of Allah, the sweetness and fun in every command. All these thing are not temporary as those of the temporary world. All these blessings continue
unless we move against Allah’s commands. and at last a single verse from a poem:
“Lazzat pachhtavi mein, na magan ho is qadar”: “k akhir me reh jaye, pachhtawa hi muqaddar”


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