Don’t worry! You’ll still have YouTube on iOS 6, thanks to a new app Google

Apple revealed that iOS 6, the upcoming version of its popular mobile operating system, will not have a YouTube app pre-loaded some time ago. We’ve anticipated that Google would create a standalone app and the search engine giant didn’t disappoint: A new YouTube for iOS app is now available for download.

The availability of the new YouTube app is perfectly timed as Apple is expected to release iOS 6 quite soon.

A post on the official YouTube blog explains that the new app brings a lot more videos (which mostly appear to be VEVO-based offerings), a new guide for channel subscriptions, a revamped (and faster) search tool, and some neater share functionality.

There are some downside to the new app though. It’s not optimized for the iPad just yet (though the folks at Google promise that they’re working on that and will have something “in the coming months”). And since it’s a standalone app — rather than something baked directly into iOS — it’s also not necessarily forced to remain ad-free, as Google doesn’t have to deal with some of the restrictions imposed by Apple otherwise.

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